Honey, I’ve left the kids

Our plan was to leave the house all loaded up with dogs and baggage at 0700. Amazingly we made it and after checking and re-checking that we had everything we posted the house keys back through the letterbox and departed on time.

However 10 minutes into our epic journey we realised that we had left the dog passports behind and had to return home. To get into the house we had to call the cleaner’s husband out, who had a spare key, to meet us and let us back in!  Not the great start we had planned but we managed to arrive at the channel tunnel, with a minute to spare before check-in closed. Our train was delayed indefinitely! So a happy chance for a catch-up, map-read, coffee, some breakfast with our dear friends and co-drivers, John & Carolynne Nunn, and letting the dogs out.

We finally entered the tunnel an hour later.


First stop in France was Auxerre, about 2 hours south of Paris and the life-threatening negotiations of the Paris Peripherique. Thisday set the pattern for the rest of the journey – 3 days travelling, 3 false starts with days 2 & 3 marred by car – the Porsche – problems,so much for having a full service before we left!

Overall the drive was easy, the company great, the constant supply of sweets and drinks from Carolynne much appreciated, the scenery through the Sierra Nevada mountain range spectcular. The best part – our first ‘spanish’ measure G&T on arrival at the villa – was heaven and fine celebration to the fact that we had arrived safely in our new home.



Honey, I’ve left the kids
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