Lakeside viewing

We move on to Villa La Angostura taking a route known as the ‘Seven Lakes Drive‘. The road was unpaved, the surface not too bad but topped with loose stone, some of them rather large, and the underside of our magnificent car took a considerable hammering after which 5th gear disappeared. The seven lakes were a bit disappointing; there were no stunning views and they all looked remarkably similar framed by steep, forested mountains.

villa-la-angostura-argentina-Suenson-Taylor-006However, the overnight stop Debbie had booked for us more than made up for anything lacking during the day. We stopped at El Faro (the lighthouse), a recently renovated and extended lighthouse with amazing views across Lake Huapi. Our rooms had floor-to-ceiling windows that stared straight across the lake to the Andes that surrounded the waters on three sides. What a view! And what a place to sit and relax and enjoy the wonder of nature. Even the shower had a full-length window view that would embarrass anyone looking the wrong way.

Lakeside viewing
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